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Is the effectiveness of explosion-proof certificates issued by different explosion-proof certification agencies the same?

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Zhongnuo TestingI have been engaged in explosion-proof certification agency services for many years and have encountered various customers. Some clients may specify that we need the certificate issued by Nanyang for consultation, which is more authoritative; Or our product is a flow meter, and we need a certificate issued by Shanghai NEPSI. They are from the Instrument and Instrument Explosion Prevention Institute, and they are more professional in this field.....

It is undeniable that the demands of these customers are somewhat reasonable. For example, as one of the earlier institutions engaged in the field of explosion prevention, Nanyang has a close relationship with domestic institutionsExplosion proof standardMany explosion-proof technology experts also have important influence and authority in the field of explosion-proof drafting and revision. But with the development of the explosion-proof product industry, more and more corporate customers are entering the explosion-proof field, and the demand for certification in the market is also increasing, which has given rise to another group of explosion-proof certification institutions.

Due to the fact that explosion-proof products are special products for installation and use in domestic special industries, the country has implemented strict market access measures. rightExplosion proof certification agencyAll authorizations are subject to strict and rigorous assessment. It is not only a qualification assessment for self explosion-proof certification institutions such as Nanyang CNex, Shanghai NEPSI, and Tianjin PCEC, but also for emerging explosion-proof certification institutions. Therefore, for these explosion-proof certification institutions, the authorization qualifications for their explosion-proof business are the same, all of which are authorized by the national CNAS.

At present, in addition to Nanyang CNEX, Tianjin PCEC, and Shanghai NEPSI, there are also several domestic explosion-proof certification agencies (not limited to):

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion proof Equipment (Guangzhou Special Inspection Institute)

Shanghai Coal Research Institute

Testing Center of General Institute of Coal Science Research (Beijing Institute of Coal Science)

Changsha Mining Electromechanical Testing and Inspection Center for National Safety Production

Chongqing Electrical Explosion Prevention Inspection Station for Coal Industry (Chongqing Coal Science Institute)

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Low Voltage Explosion proof Electrical Appliances (Liaoning)

At present, institutions in China that are qualified to issue explosion-proof certificates can be found on the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation.

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