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Can NEPSI certification be converted to IECEx certification?

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| 2021-09-26|Return

People engaged in the explosion-proof industry know that NEPSI certification refers to the explosion-proof certification applied for at NEPSI (National Instrument and Instrument Explosion Safety Supervision and Inspection Station, abbreviated as Shanghai Explosion Prevention Institute), which is one of the most authoritative explosion-proof certifications in China.

NEPSI can currently issue domestic explosion-proof certificates and IECEx certification certificates.

The IECEx certification system for explosion-proof electrical products refers to the certification of electrical equipment specifically used in industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, coal mining, light textile, grain processing, and military industries where explosive gases, vapors, dust, or fibers may accumulate.

IECEx certification is an international explosion-proof certification,Currently, member countries that belong to the IECEx system directly or indirectly recognize IECEx certification (for example, Australia directly recognizes IECEx certification, while China can accept IECEx certification converted to domestic explosion-proof certification).

However, on the contrary, domestic explosion-proof certification cannot be converted to international IECEx certification. that is becauseChinaExplosion proof certificationThe standard (GB3836/GB12476) basically directly references the international IECEx explosion-proof certification standard (IEC60079). So,Even with NEPSI certification, one cannot directly transfer to IECEx certification.

The above comes fromShenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., LtdThe interpretation is for reference only.

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