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Do I need to apply for both the explosion-proof certificate and the explosion-proof CCC certificate at the same time?

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Many corporate clients may ask about the issue of explosion-proof CCC certification when inquiring about the application for explosion-proof qualification certificate. This indicates that the transitional period for explosion-proof CCC certification is one year, and it is mandatory to implement it for one year or two (October 2019 to October 2020 is a trial period, and mandatory implementation will begin on October 2020), which has gradually become known to everyone. Specific implementation rules can be referred toAnnouncement of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the Implementation Requirements for the Management of Compulsory Product Certification of Explosion proof Electrical and Other Products from Production License

So, the explosion-proof certificate andExplosion proof CCC certificationWhat is the relationship between them? What certification does a company need to obtain for its explosion-proof products entering the market? What are the requirements for the applying enterprise, etc., which are currently many confusions that enterprises are facing.

Below areZhongnuo TestingIn layman's terms, I will answer everyone's questions.

Firstly, the explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification are both certification requirements for explosion-proof equipment,Whether to apply for explosion-proof certificate or explosion-proof CCC certification mainly depends on the product category. Simply put, it depends on whether your product is included in the explosion-proof CCC certification product catalog. If so, you need to obtain explosion-proof CCC certification; No, just get an explosion-proof certificate.Please refer to other sections of the website for details on the explosion-proof CCC certification product catalog!

What are the requirements for enterprises to apply for explosion-proof qualification certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification? This is mainly the difference between the two authentication modes. The explosion-proof certificate adopts a type test certification mode, while the explosion-proof CCC certification adopts a combination of type test factory review.Simply put, obtaining an explosion-proof certificate only requires sending samples for testing, and once the test is qualified, the certificate can be issued; Applying for explosion-proof CCC certification not only requires product testing to be qualified, but also requires a production quality system audit (commonly known as factory audit) of the production factory. For applying enterprises, obtaining explosion-proof CCC certification requires a production factory.

Therefore,Explosion proof certificateIf it is not necessary to apply for explosion-proof CCC certification at the same time, it is determined whether to obtain explosion-proof qualification certificate or explosion-proof CCC certification based on the category of the applied product.

To learn more about the explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof CCC certification, please go directly tocontact us!

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