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What are the ATEX certification issuing agencies?

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ATEX is written in French as "AT"Mosph è resEXPlusibles”Named. fingerManufacturers of equipment used in potentially explosive environments, applicationATEXDirective terms and CE marking attached, no need to consider applying other additional requirementsZhongnuo TestingSell its explosion-proof equipment anywhere in Europe.

The ATEX directive applies to a wide range of equipment, roughly including fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills, and other potentially explosive environments.

At present, the ATEX directive is a mandatory directive, which means that explosion-proof equipment entering the EU market must comply with the requirements of the ATEX directive's various standards, which we refer to as ATEX certification.

In order to control the safety performance of explosion-proof equipment, the European Union has limited atex certified certification bodies to onlyZhongnuo TestingIt is the notified body of the European Union. There used to be 24 notified bodies involved in the ATEX directive, and as of May 21, 2014, 67 European institutions have obtained EU notification authorization.Common authoritative ATEX directive announcement agencies such as TUV South Germany, TUV North Germany, TUV Rheinland, DNV, SGS, BV, QS, DEKRA, EUROFINS, UL, CSA, etc.

Many customers are providing feedback on ATEX certificate query issues. It is worth mentioning that there is no unified website for searching ATEX certification certificates. The authenticity of the certificate can only be checked by the issuing authority, and only the queries provided by various ATEX announcement agencies are available.

Zhongnuo Testing has stable and good cooperative relationships with major EU notified bodies, and can solve technical and process issues related to EU atex certification for a large number of corporate clients. It can also designate certification agencies,To learn more, please continue to follow us!

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