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What is coal safety certification?

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Coal safety certification is the abbreviation for coal mine safety certification.

In 2007, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau issued documents such as the "Interim Measures for Safety Signs of Coal Mine Products",Implement a safety production certification system for equipment, instruments, and other facilities used in underground coal mines,Effectively curbed the entry of counterfeit and inferior products into the underground. Safety production standardsZhongnuo TestingThe system of chronicles is an effective method. In order to improve the safety level of coal mines, people are increasingly paying attention to the development of safety technologies. The country has reformed the funding methods for technological development. Due to insufficient investment in safety, the country should establish a funding guarantee mechanism for safety production research and development.

So, forUnderground coal mineAll types of equipment and products must pass the safety certification system of the National Safety Standards Center and obtain corresponding coal safety certification certificates.

At present, the certification authority for coal safety certification is the National Safety Standards Center, which is also the only certification authority. Under the National Safety Standards Center, there are testing institutions in various regions responsible for product testing tasks in different product fields. Generally speaking, when applying for coal safety certification, enterprises cannot directly find a certain laboratory for testing, and can only be certified by the National Safety Standards Center to the designated safety standards laboratory.

In fact, the domestic coal safety certification system is still relatively strict. The approach adopted is a combination of type testing and factory production system review to ensure that the applying enterprise has the ability to ensure the production and safety assurance capabilities of the product. Even after obtaining coal safety certification, enterprises still have to undergo annual supervision and evaluation by the National Safety Standards Center.

This year, the National Safety Standards Center has gradually expanded the scope of application enterprises, including OEM production mode enterprises in the scope of safety standards application. This means that companies that previously adopted OEM production models can also apply for coal safety certification themselves.

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