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What do the explosion-proof Ex label and coal safety MA label mean respectively?

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What do the explosion-proof Ex label and coal safety MA label mean respectively?

Many customers do not understand what the Ex and MA logos represent. As a professional explosion-proof testing and certification organization, Zhongnuo Testing provides a brief explanation for everyone.

Ex identification,It is an abbreviation for Explosion proof in English, which means explosion-proof. When the product is marked with an Ex mark, it indicates that it meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards and is classified as an explosion-proof product.The letters following the explosion-proof symbol Ex indicate the explosion-proof protection method, equipment category in the place of use, temperature group, and equipment protection group. According to the requirements of GB 3836 standard, the explosion-proof marking of explosion-proof electrical equipment includes:Explosion proof protection methods are used in different equipment categories, temperature groups, and equipment protection groups.

For example:Explosion proof signsEx d IIC T4 Gb,

Among them:

Ex represents explosion-proof products, indicating that the product is explosion-proof;

D indicates that the explosion-proof type is explosion-proof and suitable for zones 1 and 2;

IIC indicates that it is allowed to be used in Class IIC explosive gases (the representative gas is hydrogen);

T4 indicates that the surface temperature of the equipment does not exceed 135 ℃;

Gb indicates that the protection level of the device is "high"

MA is the acronym for Mei An, representing coal safety. So the MA label is the coal safety label. In China, equipment and products used in coal mines must obtain coal safety marks in accordance with the relevant requirements of the National Safety Standards Center, which is a mandatory national certification.

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