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How is explosion-proof testing conducted

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Explosion proof certification is the process of determining that equipment meets the requirements of explosion proof standards, conducting type tests and routine tests, and issuing relevant certificates of conformity. The certificate can be specific to Ex equipment or Ex components.

Domestic institutions

NEPSI - National Instrumentation Explosion Protection Safety Supervision and Testing Station

Inspection guidelines

When applying for the explosion-proof certificate and test report, explosion-proof electrical product production enterprises should follow the following procedures and provide materials and prototypes.
Inspection materials
1. Enterprise qualification certificate
A copy of the business license of the enterprise (at the time of initial inspection), a letter of introduction/power of attorney/application letter from the unit.
2. Enterprise Quality Assurance Certificate
According to GB3836.1-2010, enterprises should provide corresponding quality assurance certificates when submitting for review. When the enterprise passes the ISO9000 series certification, a copy of the ISO9000 series certification can be provided.
3. Technical data
The technical materials submitted by enterprises for review include enterprise standards or technical requirements, product drawings, user manuals, etc. All technical data should be in duplicate.
a) Enterprise standards/technical requirements
The enterprise standards/technical requirements of the product should be written in the prescribed format, which should not only include the performance requirements of the product, but also include explosion-proof related content, such as basic parameters, explosion-proof signs, environmental conditions for use, explosion-proof performance requirements, relevant tests of explosion-proof performance, and explosion-proof related signs.
b) Product drawings
When applying for the explosion-proof certificate of intrinsically safe electrical equipment, enterprises should provide general assembly drawings, circuit schematic diagrams, printed circuit board diagrams, silk screen diagrams, component material lists, and nameplate diagrams, etc. When enterprises move towardsZhongnuo TestingWhen applying for the explosion-proof certificate of non intrinsically safe electrical equipment, the technical data submitted for inspection should include drawings that can reflect the explosion-proof performance of the sample (including general assembly drawings and part drawings). When the overall drawing can clearly indicate the explosion-proof parameters and structure of the product, only the overall drawing can be sent for inspection.
The user manual should include basic parameters, explosion-proof signs, product outline drawings, installation, maintenance, ordering instructions, and clearly indicate to users the precautions to ensure the explosion-proof performance of the product during installation and use.
d) Other information
For products with adhesive and sealing, the corresponding adhesive and sealing agent model name, performance description, and relevant process documents should be provided. For products with plastic shells, the material and corresponding performance documents of the plastic should be provided.
4. Samples submitted for inspection to apply for explosion-proof certification
The prototype submitted by the enterprise for inspection should be consistent with the approved drawings and assembled completely. The number of inspection units should meet the requirements. If there are special disassembly and assembly tools, they should be sent together. For sealed electrical equipment, one set of products with intact sealing and one set of products without sealing should be sent. Observation windowZhongnuo Testing5 additional transparent pieces should be sent, at least 3 pieces. The transparent parts of the lighting fixtures should be sent as an additional 8 pieces, at least 5 pieces. Rubber aging test should provide 35 × fifteen × 6 rubber blocks, 3-5 pieces. The measurement of insulation resistance of plastic shells requires a diameter of 150 to be provided × Two plastic sheets of 60. If the size allows, the plastic shell can be directly measured.
5. Application method:
5.1 Free application: The inspection unit shall apply for it on its own, prepare relevant materials, assist in debugging the prototype, and modify non-standard parts of the materials on its own. The cycle is relatively long, and the overall cost is relatively high.
5.2 Agency Application: Agency application refers to the entire process of agency application carried out by a professional explosion-proof electrical technical service agency, including data modification, prototype debugging, and progress coordination. The agency is authorized to complete the application with good progress assurance, and a commission agreement is signed in the middleZhongnuo TestingI will receive the certificate in about 30 days, but the disadvantage is that I need to pay some agency fees to the agency.
Regarding the time for obtaining evidence:
The drawings and samples are complete and meet the standard requirements. There are no special and complex tests, and it usually takes one month.
Explanation of evidence collection fees
Based on the explosion-proof label of the product, the complexity and size of the product, the presence of complex test items, and the consideration of representative models. It is generally around 10000 yuan, representing an additional 10% for each model. For large-scale complete sets of products, series of products, and central charging standards that are not listed, they shall be executed in accordance with the Contract Review Procedure and determined through negotiation.  
If there is an error in the content of the explosion-proof certificate, it should be changed in a timely manner. If there is a change in the address of the unit or a change in the name of the original manufacturing unit, the change procedures and application letter should be presented for the change.
Renewal upon expiration

When the validity period of a company's explosion-proof certificate is about to expire, the company should provide an application letter for certificate renewal within three months before and after the validity period, and should bring the following information to apply for certificate renewal again. If there is any unexpected situation, please inform our center in a timely manner. The application letter includes the product name, model, original explosion-proof grade, original explosion-proof qualification certificate number, and an explanation of whether the product has been changed. Enterprises should also send their expired explosion-proof certificates and technical materials that have been submitted for inspection to the center for re examination, and provide samples for re inspection.

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