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IEC 61508 standard for SIL certification

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SIL certificationstandard

IEC 61508: Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related systems

The IEC61508 standard is the entireFunctional safetyThe basic standard of the standard cluster specifies the overall, hardware, and software security lifecycles of security related systems, and proposes requirements for system security integrity and random security integrity for security related systems. These requirements cover the entire process of safety systems from project initiation, research, risk analysis, development, operation to scrapping. The overall safety lifecycle mainly proposes requirements for safety related systems at the system level, while the goals of hardware and software safety lifecycle are mainly to avoid systematic failures during the design process, and to control random hardware failures through technical means.

The main objectives of the IEC61508 standard are:

1A system method for providing safety supervision within the lifecycle of components of safety related systems, including software and hardware;

2. Method for determining the safety functional requirements of safety related systems;

3. Basic standards, making them directly applicable to all industrial fields. At the same time, it can also guide standards in other fields, making the drafting of these standards consistent (such as basic concepts, technical terminology, requirements for specified safety functions, etc.);

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