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Common phenomena of explosion-proof electrical equipment failure

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Electrical equipmentExplosion proofThe shell has lost its explosion-proof or flameproof propertiesNamely, non explosiveIt's a misfire. The common explosion-proof phenomena of explosion-proof electrical equipment include:

1The explosion-proof shell is severely deformed or cracked, the weld seam is open, the connecting screws are incomplete, the screw buckle is damaged or the screwing depth is less than the specified value, resulting in its mechanical strength not meeting the requirements of explosion resistance and losing explosion;

2The explosion-proof connection table is severely rusted, due to mechanical damage, gaps exceeding the specified value, dents, and connecting screws not being tightened, it fails to meet the requirements of non explosion transmission and loses explosion;

3The cable inlet and outlet are not equipped with qualified sealing gaskets or there are no sealing gaskets at all; Failure to use qualified sealing baffles or no sealing baffles at all for unused cable wiring holes, resulting in explosion failure;

4.Randomly adding electrical elements and components inside the equipment casing, causing certain electrical distances to be less than the specified value, or insulation damage, resulting in the failure of the arc extinguishing device, causing a short circuit between phases through the arc light of the casing to ground, and causing the casing to be burned through by the short circuit arc, resulting in explosion failure;

5.The two explosion-proof chambers inside the casing are connected due to the burning of the wiring terminals and wiring sleeves, which forms a pressure superposition during internal explosion and leads to the failure of the casing to explode; The shell explosion is mainly caused by installation and maintenance quality not meeting standard requirements, as well as improper use and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly ensure the requirements of explosion-proof quality standards, and strictly implement relevant regulations and standards in installation, use, maintenance, and repair to prevent explosion loss.

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