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Case study of obtaining explosion-proof certificate for refueling machine

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Case study of obtaining explosion-proof certificate for refueling machine

Belonging to combination equipment, on-site evidence collection method

Execution standards:

GB/T3836.1-2021 Explosive atmospheres Part 1: General requirements for equipment

GBT 3836.2-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 2_ Equipment protected by explosion-proof shell "d"

GBT 3836.3-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 3_ Equipment protected by increased safety "e"

GBT 3836.9-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 9: Equipment protected by pouring type "m"

GBT 3836.15-2017 Explosive Atmospheres Part 15: Design, Selection and Installation of Electrical Equipment

Services provided by Zhongnuo Testing include technical guidance on explosion-proof standards, selection and installation guidance on explosion-proof electrical equipment, and drawing rectification services

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