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IECEx CoPC stands for IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies (CoPC). It is the fifth part of the five parts of the IECEx system, which includes IECEx 01 basic rules, IECEx 02 equipment/system, IECEx 03 service organization, IECEx 04 qualification mark, and IECEx 05 (CoPC) personnel certification. As shown in the figure:


What isIECEx 05Personnel competency certification system?

The IECEx 05 Personnel Competency Certification System, also known as CoPC (Certificate of Personnel Competence), is committed to providing standard basis and solutions for training and qualification recognition of personnel engaged in work and services related to explosive environments. The personnel competency certification system includes 11 modules, including basic knowledge of hazardous explosion-proof environments and electrical equipment, protection principles, area division, installation, maintenance, repair, testing, witnessing, inspection, design, and review. This qualification certificate will provide confidence and assurance for relevant enterprises to identify the abilities of relevant personnel.

IECEx CoPCof11The contents of each module are:

1. Basic knowledge and awareness of Unit Ex 000 (EFOC) entering hazardous areas

2. Application of Basic Protection Principles for Explosive Environments in Unit Ex 001

3. Unit Ex 002 Hazardous Area Classification

4. Installation of Unit Ex 003 explosion-proof equipment and wiring system

5. Maintenance of Unit Ex 004 explosion-proof equipment

6. Major overhaul and repair of Unit Ex 005 explosion-proof equipment

7. Unit Ex 006 Testing of Explosive Environments or Electrical Devices Related to It

8. Visual inspection and careful inspection of explosive environments or electrical devices related to Unit Ex 007

9. Detailed inspection of explosive environments or electrical devices related to Unit Ex 008

10. Design of Electrical Devices Related to Unit Ex 009 Explosive Environments

11. Inspection of explosive environments or electrical devices related to Unit Ex 010

IECEx CoPC is the world's first internationally recognized explosion-proof skills certification by a major industrialized country, providing explosion-proof skills certification for personnel involved in Ex explosion-proof zoning, installation, maintenance, inspection, and related technical services. In July 2010, the certification system was officially released, providing authoritative certification for enterprises. Individuals holding the IECEx personal skills certification have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet international explosion-proof standards and are capable of performing corresponding safety operations in hazardous areas.

IECEx CoPC provides separate certification to factory owners or companies that the holder has sufficient knowledge to meet international standards; Can enhance the confidence of certificate holders as they are considered competent in international standards and have been proven to have sufficient skills and knowledge to carry out their work; Assist factory owners or companies in promoting safety awareness among employees, suppliers, and contractors; Maintaining consistency in the safety features of equipment and installation ensures personnel safety, avoids equipment damage, and is environmentally friendly.

Shenzhen Zhongnuo Testing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional explosion-proof technology solution service provider, not only provides explosion-proof testing and certification services according to domestic and international explosion-proof standards, but also has rich experience in the field of IECEx 05 personnel competency certification. We can provide training, certification and other services to help customers, enterprises and individuals successfully obtain the IECEx 05 personnel competency certification certificate.

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