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Can the explosion-proof 3C certification be derived?

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Many times, you can bring a product over and ask if we can quickly obtain an explosion-proof 3C certificate. Those who have done # 3C certification # know that the 3C certification process requires passing type tests and factory inspections before the certificate can be issued. The particularity of explosion-proof products is that their testing items are relatively complex and the cycle is not short. Especially if the customer does not understand the explosion-proof standards, the entire explosion-proof 3C certification process will take at least 3-4 months. Many customers feel that the time is too long and cannot accept it,. Here, Zhongnuo Testing will briefly introduce the derivation of the explosion-proof 3C certification certificate.

Q: Can the explosion-proof 3C certificate be derived?

Answer: It can be derived

Question: What are the conditions for derivation?

Answer: To find similar products and sign ODM/OEM agreements with factories that have undergone explosion-proof 3C certification

Question: What is the derivative cost/cycle?

Answer: Details consultation

Regarding the derivative issue of explosion-proof 3C certification, Zhongnuo Testing has extensive operational experience and can contact us at any time for more information.

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